Welcome to Anarchic Freedom

Did you know that every day an oppressive regime watches what we do, what we see, and what we think? Are you aware that even in the darkest night, cold mechanical eyes watch you from the shadows, seeing everything you don't want seen?  Everything you've ever done is filed in a folder somewhere.  From the day you are born to the day you die, you'll always be watched.  Who's watching? The very men and women we "chose" or had chosen to protect us.  The police, the President, the Prime Minister, the media, YOU.  Doublethink pervades the world today.  We are told we are not being watched, but security is being increased.  Security is naught without surveillance, so how can this be?  We are told we get to choose the person best suited to rule, but we have only two choices, each paradoxically worse than the other.  And you all listen.  You listen to the "news" and accept the lies they feed you as true. Not anymore. No longer will you accept without question.  You must question everything!  Only then can we free ourselves from the chains of the system. 
Big Brother IS watching, so let's give him a show.

The United Kingdom: Mechaneyes spy on citizens.

Unfortunately for those of you in the UK, you are probably being watched at this very moment.  An independent research committee has called the UK "The most surveilled westernized country in the world"  Cameras are literally everywhere.  Privacy is a part of freedom, but apparently England's parliament has little need for such trivial matters as freedom and constitutional rights.  79% of British citizens are displeased and call the UK a "surveillance state".  It frightens me that a country so rich and powerful now holds a moniker that used to exist only in the minds of conspiracy theorists and dystopic fiction writers.  I have friends in and from the UK and this is a real worry, but it does bring the world's plight to the forefront.  I hope after this survey and study, more people will stop denying the collapse of democracy and join us in the army of anarchy.

I have an update on the United Kingdom.
Beginning in 2002, the rights of citizens have slowly been phased out. As of today, the government may monitor ALL of your movements.  There are 4.2 million obvious cameras in the UK today, with more hidden from view. Fingerprints and DNA of citizens are cataloged without their knowledge.  Faxes, online habits, emails and instant messaging are all monitored. Phone conversations are tapped, illegally I may add, by government employees planted in the telephone companies.  Sounding familiar? A certain president comes to mind. More on that later.

The US Empire violates the rights of millions.

We've all seen it.  The machinations of the US government never cease to amaze me in their complexity.  Connections with the New World Order conglomeration, 911, election rigging, but what really grinds my gears is the phone bugging and thought policing.  You all know about the telephone spying scandal a few years back, but are you also aware that AT&T was scapegoated and the government continued to listen in on and record private conversations.  My sources inform me that a keyword system is used to locate conversations relating to topics the fascist government sees a threat in.  I have unconfirmed reports that Phone Phreakers are serving major jail time for their craft.  As for the thought police, what you say is apparently very dangerous, as those who question the current government or insult the president are reported and arrested.  This is the cost of your false idols and patriotism! A land where everyone feels free and nobody is.  We have order, but at what cost?!

If terrorists hate us for our freedoms, we must get more likable every day.